Chiginagak Volcano | John Seach



57.13 N, 157.00 W
summit elevation 2075 m

Chiginagak Volcano is located on the Alaskan peninsula, 15 km NW of Chiginagak Bay. The volcano contains a summit crater and lava domes.

Fumaroles are found at 1600 m elevation on the NE flank of the volcano, and two areas of hot-springs at the NW base near Volcano Creek.

1998 Eruption
On 13th August 1998 ash emissions reached 300 m above the volcano. On 14th August ashfall was observed on fresh snow on the upper flanks of the volcano. On 15th August a 30 km long plume extended east from the volcano. A COSPEC flight to Chiginagak volcano measured between 200-300 tonnes of SO2 per day emitting from the fumarolic field.

Chiginagak Volcano Eruptions

1998, 1971, 1929.