Chaîne des Puys Volcano | John Seach



 45.50 N, 2.75 E
summit elevation 1464 m
Cinder cones

Chaîne des Puys Volcano is located in central France.

There are 90 volcanoes in the Chaine des Puys which extend over 46 km. The most recent eruptions occurred near Besse-en-Chandesse, producing explosions which formed Lac Pavin maar.

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Chaîne des Puys Volcano Eruptions

Eruptions in the Chaine des Puys
Lake Pavin 4000 BC
Puy de Lassolas 5600 BC
Puy de la Vache 5600 BC
Pariou 6000 BC
Puy de Dôme 8000 BC
Puy de Laschamp 38 000 BC