Nevado Chachani Volcano | John Seach



16.191 S, 71.530 W
summit elevation 6057 m

Nevado Chachani volcano is located in southern Peru. The volcano is 25 km from Arequipa, Peru's second largest city. The summit contains permanent snow and ice.

The volcanic complex consists of three units.
1) Preglacial Cerro Nocarane and Cerro Penones domes in the north.
2) Nevados de Chachani stratovolcano (1657 m).
3) A large lava shield, Pampa de Palacio (Las Cortaderas) on the south flank.

The most recent activity occurred at Nevado Chachani occurred at Pampa de Palacio. Volcanic activity has migrated west along the ridge. Thick stubby lava flows
form a shield 8 km in diameter and 1 km thick. The lava flows are well preserved, indicating a young age.

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Nevado Chachani Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.