Cereme Volcano | John Seach


West Java, Indonesia

6.89 S, 108.40 E
summit elevation 3078 m

The volcanic cone is located at the northern edge of a 4.5 km x 5 km diameter caldera. The summit contains a double crater. Explosion holes are located in the northern wall of the eastern crater.

Eruptions have been infrequent from Cereme volcano, and have included explosive activity and lahars from the summit crater.

1937 Eruption
Ash eruptions were observed at Cereme volcano on 24th June 1937. This was the first activity at the volcano in 132 years. Ashfall occurred 10 km from the volcano. During the eruptions, three earthquakes were felt in the area surrounding the volcano. Phreatic eruptions occurred in the crater and on the summits northern outer wall. On 2nd October heavy rains produced a mudflow which invaded an adjacent river killing many fish.

Further reading
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 Cereme Volcano Eruptions

1951, 1937-38, 1805, 1775, 1772, 1698.