Cay Volcano | John Seach



45.059 S, 72.984 W
summit elevation 2090 m

Cay volcano is located in southern Chile, 15 km NE of Maca volcano. Maca, Cay and Hudson are large composite central volcanoes in South Andean Volcanic Zone.

The volcanic products of the South Andean Volcanic Zone are typically calcalkaline
and are linked to the subduction of the Nazca Plate under the South America Plate. Cay volcano is located between Guafo and Guamblin fracture zones.

Explosion craters and pyroclastic cones are located on a fissure SW of the summit. Another parallel fissure 5 km to the SE contains more pyroclastic cones.

Further reading
D'Orazio, Massimo, et al. "The Quaternary calc-alkaline volcanism of the Patagonian Andes close to the Chile triple junction: geochemistry and petrogenesis of volcanic rocks from the Cay and Maca volcanoes (~ 45 S, Chile)." Journal of South American Earth Sciences 16.4 (2003): 219-242.

Cay Volcano Eruptions

Undated eruptions.