Nevados Casiri Volcano | John Seach



17.47 S, 69.82 W
summit elevation 5650 m

Nevados Casiri volcano is located in southern Peru. The volcano is situated in a sparsely populated and remote part of the cordillera close to the Peru-Chile border.

Three old cones are aligned EW, and a young cone (5650 m) is southeast of
this ridge. The youngest cone has a well defined summit crater, and two lava flows. An older large dome is located west of the young cone.

Further reading
De Silva, S.L. and Francis, P.W., 1990. Potentially active volcanoes of Peru-observations using Landsat Thematic Mapper and Space Shuttle imagery. Bulletin of Volcanology52(4), pp.286-301.

Nevados Casiri Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.