Carrizozo Volcano - John Seach


New Mexico, USA

33.78 N, 105.93 W
summit elevation 1731 m
Cinder cone

Carrizozo flow field is located in the Tularosa Basin in south-central New Mexico, USA. The volcano consists of Broken Back Crater and Carrizozo lava flows.

A 75 km long lava flow extends down the Tularosa Valley from Little Black Peak. The lava flow is 50 m thick and covers 328 sq km. The volume erupted was 4.3 cubic km. The lava flow is similar to 1986-1992 Kupaianaha flow field at Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. The lava was probably erupted over a few decades.

The source of the lava flow is 27 m high Little Black Peak. The peak consists of three nested cinder cones and a solidified lava pond.

Carrizozo Volcano Eruptions

3250 BC ± 500