Carrán-Los Venados Volcano | John Seach



40.35 S, 72.07 W
summit elevation 1114 m
pyroclastic cones

Carrán-Los Venados Volcano is located in central Chile. The volcano contains group of about 50 basaltic to basaltic-andesite scoria cones, maars, and a small stratovolcano. Mirador scoria cone and two maars, Riñinahue and Carrán, were formed during eruptions in the 20th century.

1979 Eruption
An eruption occurred at Mirador crater on 14th April 1979. Ash was emitted to a height of 4 km, and a lava flow extended 500 m SSW.

1955 Eruption
Explosions from Carrán Maar killed two people.

Further reading
Bucchi, F., Lara, L.E. and Gutiérrez, F., 2015. The Carrán–Los Venados volcanic field and its relationship with coeval and nearby polygenetic volcanism in an intra-arc setting. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 308, pp.70-81.

Carrán-Los Venados Volcano Eruptions

1979, 1955, 1907