Candlemas Volcano | John Seach


South Sandwich Islands

57.092 S, 26.719 W
summit elevation 550 m

Candlemas Island is located in the South Sandwich Islands, South Atlantic Ocean. It is 3.7 km east of Vindication Island and separated by water 27 m deep.

Candlemas Island was discovered by James Cook on 2nd February 1775 (Candlemas Day), during his second round the world voyage.

Northern Candlemas Island is free of ice, and kept warm by volcanic heat. The south of the island is covered by snow and ice. Geysers and hot pools are present at the volcano. Ice covers about half of the island.

1953 Eruption
A glowing lava field was visible in the north of the island.

1823 Eruption
Lucifer Hill is a prominent feature in the northern part of the island. It is flat-topped and rises to 230 m above sea level. Five major lava flows encircle Lucifer Hill. An eruption occurred from the vent in 1823.

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Candlemas Volcano Eruptions

1953, 1911, 1823, 1250? BC