Campi Flegrei Mar Sicilia Volcano | John Seach


(Ferdinandea, Graham Bank)

37.10 N, 12.70 E
summit elevation -8 m
submarine volcano

Note: There is a volcano near Naples called "Campi Flegrei".

Campi Flegrei del Mar Sicilia is a group of submarine volcanoes SW of Sicily.

Eruptions of the volcano occurred at Giulia-Ferdinandeo and Pinne banks from 264-241 BC, and 17th to 20th centuries. In 1831 an eruption at Graham Island (also known as Graham Bank, Giulia-Ferdinandeo Bank, or Ferdinandea Bank) produced an ephemeral island.

2001 Seismicity
Seismicity increased near Campi Flegrei Mar Sicilia in November 2001.

1831 Eruption of Ferdinandea
Eruptions of the vent at Ferdinandea in 1831 produced a 4 sq km island which was claimed by four nations.

Further reading
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Campi Flegrei Mar Sicilia Volcano Eruptions

1911?, 1867, 1863, 1846, 1831, 1701?, 1632, -253.