Calypso Mound | John Seach


Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

37.64 S, 177.10 E
summit elevation -167 m
Submarine volcano

Calypso Mound is a white anhydrite cone some 6-8 m high, formed at 167 m depth by discharge of thermal waters at the ocean floor. It was discovered in February 1987 using the diving vessel Soucoup carried on the RV Calypso.

Calypso Mound Volcano exhibits strong hydrothermal activity.

Further Reading
Pantin, H.M. and Wright, I.C., 1994. Submarine hydrothermal activity within the offshore Taupo Volcanic Zone, Bay of Plenty continental shelf, New Zealand. Continental shelf research, 14(13-14), pp.1411-1438.

Calyspo Mound Eruptions

Hydrothermal activity.