Callaqui Volcano | John Seach



37.92 S, 71.45 W
summit elevation 3164 m

Callaqui Volcano is located in central Chile. Lava flows extend 14 km from the volcano. Solfatara occur south of the summit.

2008 Earthquakes
In January and February 2008 residents near Callaqui Volcano reported hearing noises and feeling earthquakes.

1980 Eruption
In October 1980 a small phreatic eruption occurred at the summit.

Further reading
Radic, J.P., 2010. Las cuencas cenozoicas y su control en el volcanismo de los Complejos Nevados de Chillán y Copahue-Callaqui (Andes del Sur, 36-39 S). Andean geology, 37(1), pp.220-246.

Callaqui Volcano Eruptions

1980, 1937?, 1864?, 1751.