Caburgua-Huelemolle Volcano | John Seach



39.20 S, 71.83 W
summit elevation 995 m
Cinder cones

Caburgua-Huelemolle Volcano is located in central Chile. The volcano consists of four cinder cones - Volcanoes de Caburgua and Volcán Huelemolle, Volcán Redondo and Volcán Pichares.

Further reading
Morgado, E., et al. "Contrasting records from mantle to surface of Holocene lavas of two nearby arc volcanic complexes: Caburgua-Huelemolle Small Eruptive Centers and Villarrica Volcano, Southern Chile." Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 306 (2015): 1-16.

Caburgua-Huelemolle Volcano Eruptions

5050 BC ± 1000