Monte Burney Volcano | John Seach



52.33 S, 73.40 W
summit elevation 1758 m

Monte Burney volcano is located in southern Chile. The volcano contains a 6 km wide caldera. A major debris avalanche has traveled to the SSW.

Eruptions of Mt Burney
Eruptions from Mt Burney volcano have produced regionally widespread tephra fall.
An eruption 3,830±390 years ago had negative impact on forest and aquatic ecosystems southeast of the volcano. Release of SO2 produced soil and lake acidification, nutrient leaching, and increased soil erosion.

Further reading
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Monte Burney Volcano Eruptions

1910, 90 BC ± 100, 800 BC ± 500, 2290 BC ± 100, 3740 BC ± 10, 7140 BC ± 200, 7390 BC ± 200