Bunyaruguru Volcano | John Seach


(Kichwambe Volcanic Field)

0.20 S,  30.08 E
summit elevation 1554 m
Explosion craters

Bunyaruguru volcano is located 285 km SW of Kampala, Uganda, and 20 km east of Lake Edward.

Bunyaruguru volcanic field was possibly created as the result of downwarping between two major rift faults. The main type of activity was gas explosions. Only four of 152 craters have lava associated with them.

Volcanic activity follows fracture patterns and lines of weakness. The field is elongated along the line of the main fault.

Fracture Systems
Two main systems are identified at Bunyaruguru volcanic field - A north to northeasterly one, and an east to southeasterly one. Within each and between them are a number of smaller peaks that are not significant in relation to the field as a whole.

Local people have legends of volcanic eruptions, which indicates eruptions may have occurred in the past few centuries.

Further reading
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Bunyaruguru Volcano Eruptions

Undated eruptions.