Bundaberg Volcano - John Seach


Queensland, Australia

24.86 S, 152.35 E
Extinct volcano

Bundaberg volcanic province is located in the Bundaberg-Childers area. The volcano was formed by a short lived eruption period, 60 million years ago.

Lava from Bundaberg, Childers, and Gin Gin were extruded from a series of fissures. Volcanic rocks were drilled at a depth of 421-592 m on the northern tip of Fraser Island.

The most recent eruptions were at Coalstoun Lakes. The Hummock erupted 900,000 years ago. Mount Le Brun is a 330 m high cone which contains two crater lakes, volcanic bombs and basalt lava.

Bundaberg Volcano Eruptions

900,000 years ago.