Buckle Island Volcano - John Seach


Balleny Islands, Antarctica

66.80 S, 163.25 E
summit elevation 1239 m

Buckle Island is located 25 km SE of Young Island, off the coast of Victoria Land, Antarctica.
The island forms a gentle sloping plateau with rocky and ice cliffs at the coast.

The island summit in the west contains an inactive crater.
The active crater is located on the lower eastern part of the island.

Eruptions at Buckle Island
Fumarolic activity or explosive eruptions were reported on 9th February 1939 and 12th January 1899. The reports are uncertain, and activity has been considered doubtful by some researchers. Ice-free craters have been observed by Waterhouse (1965) who noted that eruption activity could have been possible at earlier reports.

Buckle Island Volcano Eruptions

1899?, 1839?