Brava Volcano | John Seach


Cape Verde Islands

14.85 N, 24.72 W
summit elevation 900

Brava Island is located west of Fogo in the Cape Verde Islands. The island was settled in 1462. Earthquakes under the volcano indicate future eruptions are possible.

Brava Island is located 20 km west of Fogo, and shows geological evidence of Plinian volcanism, producing mostly phonolitic lavas and ashes, with a few basanitic scoria cones.

Brava volcano has higher seismic activity than Fogo and the level of magma differentiation indicates a shallow reservoir, but there are no reports of historical eruptions.

Towns on the island include; Nova Sintra, Fajã de Agua, and Santa Bárbara.

Further reading
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Brava Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.