Bratan Volcano | John Seach


(Catur or Tjatur caldera)

Bali, Indonesia

8.270 S, 115.135 E,
summit elevation 2276 m (Gunung Batukau)

Bratan volcano is located in Bali, Indonesia. It consists of an 11 x 6 km wide caldera. The caldera contains three lakes - Danau Tamblimgam, Danau Buyan, and Danau Bratan. Eight post caldera cones are visible at Bratan volcano.

Gunung Batukau 2276 m (8.334 S, 115.088 E) is the largest cone and is 10 km to the SW of the caldera.

Gunung Lesong 1862 m (8.296 S, 115.109 E) is a well preserved forested cone with a circular crater. The crater is 170 m deep and unforested on the floor. The cone is less than 23,000 years old.

Gunung Pohan 2001 m (8.282 S, 115.139 E) overlooks the town of Bedugul.

Further reading
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Bratan Volcano Eruptions

Less than 23,000 years ago.