Boset-Bericha Volcano | John Seach


(Boseti-Gudda and Boseti-Bericcia)

8.558 N, 39.475 E
summit elevation 2447 m

The volcano is located in the central part of the Main Ethiopian rift valley 95 km SE of Addis Ababa. Boseti-Gudda and Boseti-Bericcia Volcanic Range is located about 15 km East of the town of Nazareth, close to the eastern escarpment, on the western side of the Awash River.

It is formed by two distinct reliefs: Boset (Boseti-Gudda) and Bericha (Boseti-Bericcia), rising about 1000 and 800 m respectively from the Rift floor. The base has an elliptical shape 20 x 15 km long. The two volcanoes originated from the same NNE-SSW fissure.

Boseti-Gudda is a composite volcano, with a remnant of a caldera rim on its western slope. The pre-caldera products of Boseti- Gudda consist mostly of viscous, thick (up to 50 m) trachytic lava flows. Post-caldera activity consists of obsidian lava flows associated with pumice and ash.

The volcano consists mostly of recent obsidian lava flows with associated pyroclastics (pumice and ash).

The fissure connecting Boseti-Gudda to Boseti-Bericcia is a still open fracture
through which basaltic lava flows were erupted. Both volcanoes are currently in the fumarolic stage.

Further reading
Siegburg, Melanie, et al. "Geological evolution of the Boset-Bericha volcanic complex, Main Ethiopian Rift: 40Ar/39Ar evidence for episodic Pleistocene to Holocene volcanism." Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 351 (2018): 115-133.

Boset-Bericha Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.