Bora-Bericcio Volcano | John Seach



8.27 N, 39.03 E
summit elevation 2285 m
Pumice cones

The volcano is located in the central Ethiopian rift valley 90 km SSE of Addis Ababa. It covers an area of about 500 sq km located between the artificial lake of Koka and lake Zwai, close to the eastern escarpment.

It is one of the most recent volcanic complexes of the Ethiopian Rift Valley. The complex includes two large volcanic centres (Bora and Bericcio) associated with a great number of smaller eruptive centres.

Bora volcano is located on the NE of lake Zwai and it consists of alternate layers of pumice and ash poorly welded or completely unwelded. Bora rises for about 350 m
above the floor of the Rift and it has a large top crater (more than 1.5 km in diameter and more than 100 m deep). Its western slope is affected by a volcano-tectonic collapse.

Bericcio volcano is located just NE of Bora. It rises for about 500 m from the floor of the Rift and it has a more regular cone-shaped profile. A small circular crater is located at the summit. Another crater (about 1 km across) cuts its southern slope. Bericcio is made up of completely unwelded pumice flows.

East of the Bora and Bericcio volcanoes, there are a number of smaller volcanic centres. They are exclusively made up of silicic pyroclastics, mostly pumice flows or pumice falls, the latter forming perfect domes. Craters, generally small, abundant and irregularly scattered.

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Bora-Bericcio Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.