Boomerang Seamount | John Seach


South Indian Ocean

37.721 S, 77.825 E
summit elevation -650 m
Submarine volcano

Boomerang Seamount was discovered in 1996. It is a 1100 m high undersea volcano located near the spreading center on the Amsterdam-St. Paul Plateau. The volcano is built on the stationary Antarctic Plate.

The volcano is 18 km northeast of Amsterdam Island near the intersection of a long spreading segment and the Boomerang Transform Fault. The summit of the Boomerang Seamount is 650 m below sea level and has a 200-m-deep, 2-km-wide circular caldera.

Boomerang seamount possibly marks the current location of the Amsterdam-St. Paul hotspot. Off-axis volcanism on the ASP Plateau is widely Both Amsterdam Island and St. Paul Island have had historical eruptions. The last eruption at Amsterdam was more than 100 years ago, and the most recent eruption at St. Paul was in 1793.

1995 Eruption
A single chip of glass from the seamount was dated to have an eruption date between 1st November 1995 and 29th December 1995. Analysis showed the sample was 3-7 months old when collected on 30th March 1996.

Boomerang Seamount Eruptions