Bola Volcano | John Seach


(Mt. Wangore)

West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea

5.142 S, 150.037 E
summit elevation 1155 m

Bola volcano is the highest point on the Willaumez Peninsula. It is located 11 miles north of Talasea. The volcano is a perfect cone shape, and covered in trees. The 400 m wide crater contains a 100 m high wall on the eastern side, and almost no wall on the western side.

The eastern half of the mountain contains steep slopes covered with ash. Three
large explosion craters are located on the lower northeast flank of the volcano. Andesite lava flows are located on the western side of the mountain.

bola volcano
Bola Volcano, New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Eruptions of Bola Volcano
The most recent lava erupted from the summit crater. It is at least 50 m thick, and gives the volcano a hump when viewed from the north or south. The well-preserved crater with fumarolic activity indicates the most recent eruptions may have occurred in the past few hundred years.

Further reading
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Bola Volcano Eruptions

There are no recorded eruptions.
Steam was seen at the summit in 1921.
Oral tradition mentions an eruption of the volcano.