Banahaw Volcano - John Seach


Quezon Province, Luzon, Philippines

14.07 N, 121.45 E
summit elevation 2158 m
Complex volcano

Banahaw volcano is located 80 km SE of Manila, Philippines. Banahaw volcanic complex includes Mt Banahaw (2158 m), San Cristobal (1470 m), and Banhao de Lucban (1870 m).

Debris avalanche deposits have occurred from a collapse of the NE flank of the volcano, involving a volume of 5 cubic km. The avalanche created an 8 km wide amphitheater extending from an altitude of 1700 m to 650 m.

The Lucena pyroclastic flow deposits from Banahaw volcano are the earliest eruption products, and are visible on the shore at Tayabas Bay near Lucerna City, and the eastern base of Banhao de Lucban.

Banhao de Lucban is the youngest stratovolcano in the complex. It is a steep cone on the eastern flank of Banahaw volcano. The volcano was formed after the debris avalanche at Banahaw volcano.

San Cristobal volcano is located on the western flank of Banahaw volcano. Its well preserved cone morphology indicates it is younger than Banahaw volcano. The absence of soil on the San Cristobal 3 unit, indicate it has probably formed in the past 2000 years.

Explosive eruptions occur at Banahaw volcano.

Banahaw Volcano Eruptions

1843, 1743, 1730