Bamus Volcano - John Seach


East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea
(Also known as South Son)

5.20 S, 151.23 E
summit elevation 2248 m

Bamus volcano is located SW of Ulawun volcano, 16 km inland from Stettin Bay. The crater at Bamus is 800 m in diameter and occupied by a lava dome consisting of large boulders of clinkery basalt. These boulders have overflowed the old crater through breaches on the west, south west and south east. There are sulphur deposits on the lava dome and fumeroles. Steam escapes through cracks in the lava plug and is visible from the sea.

An eruption occurred at Bamus in July 2006. Forceful white-grey emissions to the south and southeast were reported between 1110 and 1210 hr (local time) on 12th July 2006. This was the first eruption at the volcano in 120 years.

The slopes of the volcano up to the last 300 m are covered with thick fern growth making ascent difficult.

Bamus Volcano Eruptions

2006, 1886, 1645, 270 BC, 345 BC