Bam Volcano - John Seach


(Lesson Island)
East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea

3.60 S, 144.85 E
summit elevation 685 m

Bam is one of the most active volcanoes in Papua New Guinea. The island is located 55km NNE of the mouth of the Sepik River.

Bam is oval shaped, 2.4 km x 1.6 km, and covers 6 sq km in area. There are two peaks. The NW peak is the volcano summit, and the SE peak is slightly lower.

Bam Volcano - John Seach

Summit Crater
The summit of Bam is free of vegetation due to recent volcanic activity. The summit crater is oval in shape, 400 m in diameter and 180 m deep. The crater has steep walls. Lava flows are exposed in the crater walls, with one dipping into the crater.

Volcanic Activity at Bam Island
Hot springs occur on the island. Vulcanian eruptions occur at Bam volcano. Islanders note a seasonal pattern of eruptions, with ash emissions occurring in the doldrums.

1954-60 Eruptions
Minor eruptions.

1942 Eruption
Glow and vapour emission.

1908 Eruption
Volcano was extremely active. Station manager at Aitape described Bam ans being 'an inhospitable island', and people 'lead a miserable life'.

1907 Eruption
Column gGrey-black "smoke" was emitted from the crater to a height of over 2500 m.

1877 Eruption
Column of smoke.

1874 Eruption
Volcano discharging large volumes of steam and smoke. People living on the island.

Bam Volcano Eruptions

1960, 1959, 1958, 1958, 1957, 1954-57, 1947, 1944, 1936-39?, 1924, 1920?, 1913, 1909, 1908, 1907, 1897-98?, 1888?, 1885?, 1883?, 1877, 1874, 1872.