Harra of Bal Haf Volcano - John Seach


(Bir Ali, Er-Bal Haf)

14.05 N, 48.33 E
summit elevation 233 m
Volcanic field

Harra of Bal Haf Volcano is located in southern Yemen, next to Gulf of Aden. It is at the southern end of the Balhaf graben, which extends to Ataq.

The volcano contains cinder cones, tuff cones, and lava flows. Lava flows from cinder cones have reached the coast.

At-Tabâb tuff cone is the summit of the volcano, and consists of a 1.5-km-wide crater partially filled by a cinder cone. A 1 km diameter tuff cone on the eastern side of At-Tabâb contains a lake.

Harra of Bal Haf Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.