Bagana Volcano | John Seach


Bougainville Island,
North Solomons Province, Papua New Guinea

6.14 S, 155.19 E
summit elevation 1750 m
lava cone

Bagana is one of the world's most active volcanoes. Bagana volcano is a large lava cone which may have been formed as recently as 300 years ago. Eruptions at the volcano usually consist of lava flows and occasional pyroclastic flows.

Bagana volcano contains a sparsely vegetated symmetrical cone, built up mostly of andesitic lava flows. A small lava dome occurs on the north side of the volcano. Bagana has been almost continuously active since the 18th century. The post-1946 lava flows are the sites of active solfataras. Several hot springs are located at the base of the cone. The lavas of Bagana are augite andesites.

2018 Eruptions
Eruptions continue at Bagana volcano in 2018.

2014 Eruptions
On 12th August ash emissions reached 25,000 ft altitude according to pilot reports.

2013 Eruptions and Earthquake
Bagana remains active in January 2013 with satellite images showing hotspots over the volcano. On 16th October 2013 a magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit 58 km southwest of Bagana volcano.

2007-08 Eruptions
Lava flows, and pyroclastic flows occurred at Bagana volcano between June 2007 and March 2008. A magnitude 6.2 earthquake hit 38 km SW of Bagana volcano on Tuesday 23rd December 2008.

2004 Eruptions
In April and May, lava flows traveled 3 km from the summit, and came within 3 km of villages.

1966 Eruptions
Alarge eruption occurred on 30th May 1966, with pyroclastic flows and ash eruptions.

1962 Eruptions
Volcanic activity increased in early 1962 with a major eruption on 15th February. Lava was erupted every 5-10 minutes. Earthquakes and ash emission continued until April.

1950 Eruptions
The first reported pyroclastic flows occurred in 1950, and a lava dome was present in the summit crater. Violent eruptions occurred between June and October, when there were earthquakes, ash to 10,000 ft and loud roaring.

1943 Activity
Aerial photos taken between 18 February and 17 March showed abundant white vapour emitting from the summit. On 7th April aerial photos showed a new lava flow on the NNE flank of Bagana.

1937 Eruption
A loud explosion from Bagana was heard at Kieta, 50 km away, in September 1937.

1875 Activity
Dense vapour clouds were observed at Bagana volcano when observed from the ship SMS Gazelle on 25th August 1875.

Further reading
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Bagana Volcano Eruptions

1972-2020, 1970-71, 1968, 1966-67, 1964-65, 1962-63, 1961, 1959?-60, 1953, 1952, 1948-51, 1945-47, 1943, 1939, 1938, 1937, 1909?, 1908, 1899, 1897, 1894-95, 1883, 1865-83, 1842.