Badda Volcano | John Seach



7.90 N, 39.41 E
summit elevation 4200 m
Volcano type?

Badda volcano is located 54 km east of East of lake Zwai. It is elongated towards NNE-SSW and deeply eroded. Badda rises about
2000 m from the top of the Somalian Plateau.

Badda is a large volcano located just East of Cilallo, close enough for their products partly overlap each other.

Badda rises for about 2000 m from the top of the Somalian Plateau, its summit being at about 4200 m. Badda is relatively old, deeply eroded, and similar age of Cilallo volcano.

Lava flows form the majority of its products from Badda volcano. No pyroclastics were observed during a climb of the eastern slope of Badda from the village of Robi.

Further reading
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Badda Volcano Eruptions

Pleistocene eruptions.