Babuyan Claro Volcano - John Seach


Babuyan Islands, Cagayan Province, Philippines

19.52 N, 121.94 E
summit elevation 1180 m

Babuyan Claro volcano is located on Babuyan Island 100 km off the north coast of Luzon, Philippines.

Babuyan island consists of five volcanic centers ranging in age from 1.7 Million years to present. The three oldest centers (Cayonan, Naydi, and Dionisio)
onsist mainly of a succession of talc-alkaline andesitic and basaltic andesitic lava flows.

Mt. Pangasun is the largest volcanic edifice (7 cubic km), and is an active stratovolcano with two small preserved summit craters. The youngest volcano of
the island.

Mt. Babuyan is the youngest volcano on the island and has a volume of 3 cubic km. Eruptions at Babuyan Claro are strombolian and phreatomagmatic. Askedna hot springs are located on the southern slopes of the volcano.

1980 Landslide
A landslide occurred 600 m above sea level on the NW flank of Babuyan Claro volcano. The landslide damaged rice fields and roads, and forced the evacuation of nearby residents.

Babuyan Claro Volcano Eruptions

1917, 1913, 1860, 1831