Cerro Azul Volcano | John Seach



35.65 S, 70.76 W
summit elevation 3788 m

Note: there are volcanoes called Volcan Azul in Nicaragua, and Cerro Azul in Galapagos Islands.

Cerro Azul Volcano is located in central Chile. La Resoloma Craters are three scoria vents on west flank. Los Hornitos are scoria cones on the lower SW flank.

Quizapu is a vent on the northern flank of Cerro Azul, which formed in 1846 during the first historical eruption at Cerro Azul. Quizapu was the source of one of the largest explosive eruptions of the 20th century in 1932, which created a 600-700 m wide 150-m-deep crater and ejected 9.5 cu km of tephra.

Further reading
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Cerro Azul Volcano Eruptions

1967, 1949, 1933-38, 1916-32, 1914, 1913?, 1912, 1907, 1906, 1903?, 1846-53?