Azufral Volcano | John Seach


(Azufral de Túquerres)

1.08 N, 77.68 W
summit elevation 4070 m

Azufral Volcano is located in SW Colombia. It is located 35 km SW of Galeras Volcano.

Laguna Verde is in the NW side of the summit caldera. Fumaroles are present on some of the lava domes. The lake is acidic (pH 2.4). Hot springs on the NE edge of the lake had a temperature of 54°C and pH of 2.6, when measured in 1990.

1971 Earthquakes
Between 26th April and 7th May, more than 60 earthquakes were felt by residents of Santander village. Some earthquakes were detected by seismographs at Pasto Seismic Station, 215 km from the volcano.

Further reading
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Azufral Volcano Eruptions

930 BC?, 1650 BC ± 150, 1850 BC?, 2095 BC ± 100,