Azas Volcano - John Seach


(East Tuva Plateau, Northeast Tuva Plateau, or the Khamsara-Biykhem Plateau)

52.52 N, 98.60 E
summit elevation 2765 m
Volcanic field

Azas volcanic field is located SW of Lake Baikal, Russia. The volcano consists of scoria cones and lava flows.

Tuva volcanic province located on the Azas Plateau is is the westernmost lava
field of the Baikal Rift System.

Tuyas at Azas Volcano
Subice eruptions of lavas melt the ice above and often form edifices called tuya within the meltwater englacial lakes. Yuyas are located on the Azas plateau.

This is stratovolcano is the highest feature on the plateau at 2765 m. It contains two craters.

This is a glacially eroded shield volcano (2505 m).

Azas Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.