Atlin Volcano - John Seach


British Columbia, Canada

59.68 N, 133.32 W
summit elevation 1880 m
Volcanic field, cinder cones

Atlin volcano is located in western Canada, east of Lake Atlin. The volcano contains cinder cones and lava flows. Ruby mountain is the volcano summit, and contains coloured tephra deposits.

Atlin volcanic district consists of the following areas:

Surprise Lake volcanic field
Volcanic Creek, Cracker Creek, Ruby Mountain, and Ruby Creek. The vents and deposits are well preserved in this area. Last eruptions in the field were 540,000 years ago.

Mount Llangorse Volcanic Field
Llangorse volcanic field is approximately 144 sq km and is located 55 km southeast of Atlin. Eruption centres include. Hirschfeld, Fire Mountain, Lone Point, Chikoida Mountain, and Llangorse Mountain.

Anderson/ Moose Bay
This consists of two eruption centres on the SE shore of Lake Atlin. Eruptions occurred 16 million years ago.

Uncertain Eruption in 1898
An eruption from the Ruby Mountain area about 80 km south of Gladys Lake, was reported with ashfall for several days. This eruption was not confirmed.

Atlin Volcano Eruptions

Uncertain eruption in 1898.