Atitlán Volcano | John Seach



14.58 N, 91.18 W
summit elevation 3535 m

Atitlán volcano is located in the Highlands of Guatemala.
Other scenic areas closeby include lake Atitlán and Toliman volcano.

The northern side of the volcano is wooded to near the summit, whereas the upper 1000 m of the southern slopes are unvegetated. Predominantly explosive eruptions have been recorded from Volcán Atitlán since the 15th century.

Three Quaternary composite cones, San Pedro, Tolimán, and Atitlán, are found
along the south side of the Lake Atitlán in the Guatemalan Highlands. Atitlán straddles the southern marginal fault of the Atitlán Cauldron.

Atitlán has erupted dominantly pyroclastic materials, in contrast to adjacent Toliman which has erupted viscous lava flows and domes.

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Atitlán Volcano Eruptions

1856?, 1853, 1852?, 1843, 1837, 1833, 1827-28, 1827, 1826, 1717-21,
1663, 1579?-81, 1505?, 1469