Assab Volcano | John Seach



12.95 N, 42.43 E
summit elevation 987 m
Volcanic field

Assab volcano is located in SE Eritrea. The volcano contains cinder cones and associated lava flows over an area of 55 x 90 km.

The volcanic area is produced fissure eruptions, which produced basaltic lavas flowing to the north and southeast. The most recent activity is represented by several kilometer long flows, associated with spatter cones.

The direction of most of the lava flows, the distribution of the spatter cones and some morphological lineaments are suggestive of E-W and NE-SW tectonic trends. These tectonic trends are quite different from those characterizing the Danakil Depression, and seem to occur only near Assab.

The following rock types are present in the Assab Range: picritic basalts tending to ankaramites; alkali olivine basalts; hmvaiites; mugearites; trachytic mugearites; mugearitic trachytes and trachytes.

The alkaline character of the recent volcanism of the Assab region contrasts with the transitional character of the recent volcanism of the northern part of the Danakil Depression. Recent volcanism at Assab occurred on the coast side of the Danakil Rift and is related to E-W and NE-SW tectonic trends, which are quite different from the NNW-SSE tectonics characterizing the Depression.

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Assab Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.