Arayat Volcano - John Seach


Pampanga Province, Luzon, Philippines

15.20 N, 120.742 E
summit elevation 1026

Arayat volcano is located NE of Angeles city, in Luzon, Philippines. It is part of the Eastern Volcanic Chain, which is composed of Mounts Balungao, Cuyapo, Amorong and Arayat.

Mt. Arayat is a single stratovolcano rising from the Central Valley plains to an elevation of 1026 m. The northern (1026 m) and southern (920 m) peaks are considered as remnants of a former crater rim, with a width of 900 m.

There is a large hummocky area at the NW and W base of Mt. Arayat which was caused by a major debris avalanche. The avalanche formed in the past 500,000 years. Eruption products of Mr. Arayat are composed mainly pyroclastics and lava flows.

Fumarole activity is present on NW summit of Mt Arayat.

Arayat Volcano Eruptions

Last eruptions occurred in the past 10,000 years.