Apaneca Range Volcano - John Seach


(Cuyanausul Range)

El Salvador

13.891 N,  89.786 W
summit elevation 2036 m

Apaneca Range consists of a group of stratovolcanoes volcanoes and geothermal areas located in western El Salvador, 6 km SE of Ahuachapin. The volcanic features extends from Concepción de Ataco caldera in the west to Cerro los Naranjos in the east.

1990 Agua Shuca thermal area explosion
13.90 N, 89.82 W
The thermal area is located on the lower NW flank of the range, 3 km from the town of Ahuachapin. On 13th October 1990 a directed eruption of steam and mud roared continuously like a geyser for 10-20 minutes. The eruption produced a crater 30 m in diameter and 15 m deep, and killed 26 people.

Cerro el Aguila (2036 m)
13.984 N, 89.699 W
This post caldera stratovolcano is the highest point of the range.

Cerro los Naranjos (1969 m)
This stratovolcano is located at the eastern end of the range. It is located 6 km north west of Santa ana volcano.

Chipilapa Geothermal Field
The geothermal filed lies on the northern slope of Laguna Verde,

Laguna Verde
13.891 N, 89.787 W
This lake sits in a 350 m wide crater at an altitude of 1606 m.

Concepción de Ataco caldera
The 5 x 3.5 km diameter caldera lies at the western end of Apaneca Range.

Las Ninfas
13.877 N 89.799 W
This is a stratovolcano with a lake-filled crater (500 m x 300 m) at the western end of the Apaneca volcanic range.

Apaneca Range Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.