Aoga-shima Volcano - John Seach


Izu Islands, Japan

32.45 N, 139.77 E
summit elevation 423 m

Aoga-shima Volcano is located in Izu Islands, Japan. The island is 2.5 x 3.5 km in size. Aoga-shima has a caldera (Ikenosawa Crater) on center of the island with a diameter of 1.7 x 1.5 km.

Pyroclastic flows covered the whole island about 3000 years ago.

1790-85 Eruptions
On 4th May 1781 a small eruption produced ashfall. On 10th and 11th April 1783 Strombolian eruptions produced a scoria cone, 61 houses were burned, and 7 fatalities. On 18th April 1785 Strombolian eruptions occurred, producing a scoria cone, and causing 130-140 fatalities. Residents vacuated to Hachijo-jima. Lava flow recorded.

Aoga-shima Volcano Eruptions

1780-85, 1670-80, 1652.