Anuta Island - John Seach


Temotu Province, Solomon Islands
(Previously known as Anudha or Cherry Island)

11.68 S, 170.00 E
summit elevation 65 m
Extinct volcano

Anuta is a remote inhabited island in the eastern Solomons. It lies 450 km east of Santa Cruz Island. The island is only 400 m wide, and a has a summit elevation of 65m. Anuta is the remains of an ancient volcano.

One km to the SE lies Fatu'omango Rock and 500 m to the NE is Te Fatu'oveu Rock.
Northwest of the island is a reef rising to within 23 m of the surface. This area provides good fishing for the Anutans.

Lapita people settled on Anuta about 3000 years ago. The current population descended from Tongans who arrived in 1580. The population of Anuta has remained constant at about 200 for one hundred years.

Anuta Island Eruptions

Extinct volcano.