Antuco Volcano | John Seach



37.40 S, 71.34 W
summit elevation 2985 m

Antuco Volcano is located in central Chile on SW shore of Laguna de la Laja. Sierra Veluda and Cerro Condor stratovolcanoes are older eruption centres.

Activity at Antuco volcano, located, about 250 km from the Chile trench, is probably related to subduction of the oceanic Nazca plate under the continental South American plate.

Antuco volcano consists of two units, pre- and post-caldera collapse (Antuco I and Antuco II), and a parasitic cone. Antuco I formed during the Holocene and produced a large stratovolcano 10 km in plan diameter. Caldera collapse occurred at the end of stage I activity. Post-caldera activity produced a new cone inside the caldera and a parasitic cone on the NE flank of the Antuco I.

A large debris avalanche produced a 5 km wide horseshoe-shaped caldera.

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Antuco Volcano Eruptions

1869, 1863, 1862, 1861, 1852-53, 1848, 1845, 1839, 1828, 1820, 1806, 1752, 1750.