Andes Mountains | John Seach


The Andes mountains consists of hundreds of volcanoes stretching from Colombia to the tip of Chile.

The Andes is geographically divided into three sections:

I. The Southern Andes in Argentina and Chile.
II. The Central Andes, including the Chilean and Peruvian cordilleras and parts of Bolivia.
III. The Northern Andes in Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador that consist of two parallel ranges, the Cordillera Occidental and the Cordillera Oriental.

The largest number of high volcanoes in the world are located in the central Andes. The relative height of the volcanoes is 1,500 to 2,500 m, and their extreme height is because they are perched on an altipiano of about 3,700 m altitude.

The height of the volcanoes decreases rapidly from north to south. The volcanoes exceed 6,000 m between 33 and 34 deg south, whereas farther south they reach altitudes of only 2,000 to 4,000 m.