Amukta Volcano - John Seach


Aleutian Islands, Alaska

52.50 N, 171.25 W
summit elevation 1066 m

Amukta is a young stratovolcano, located 386 km southwest of Dutch Harbor. Amukta Island is westernmost of the Islands of The Four
Mountains Group in the central Aleutians. The cone is 5.8 km in diameter with a 400 m wide summit crater.

Eruptions in 1963 occurred from central crater and parasitic cones.
Central eruptions occurred in 1980's.

1997 Eruption
On 3rd March, 1997, a small ash eruption was observed at the volcano. No evidence of activity was visible on satellite images.

1996 Eruption
In early July 1996 a large plume of ash and smoke was visible rising 2500-3000 feet high over Amukta volcano. In September 1996 a pilot report of an eruption at Amukta. An ash plume was visible rising about 1000 feet above the summit during flights on both the 17th and 18th September. The plumes extended southward
about 10 miles before dissipating. Satellite analysis on the 19th showed a narrow cloud extending 22 miles SSE of Amukta.

1987 Eruption
On 28th August 1987 pilots reported an eruption plume reaching 10.5 km altitude in the vicinity of Amukta, drifting WNW. There was no confirmation whether the emissions came from Amukta or Mt. Cleveland, 100 km ENE, which was active at the time. On 4th September 1987 a confirmed eruption of Amukta occurred, when a small dark ash plume was visible rising at least 300 m above the summit.

1963 Eruption
An eruption in February 1963, produced ash plumes and a lava flow that reached the sea.

Amukta Volcano Eruptions

1997, 1996, 1987, 1963, 1878, 1876?, 1786-91, 1770?