Amorong Volcano - John Seach


Pangasinan Province, Luzon, Philippines

15.828 N, 120.805 E
summit elevation 376 m
Lava dome

Amorong volcano is located in NW Luzon Island, 80 km NNE of Pinatubo volcano. It is part of the Eastern Volcanic
Chain, which is composed of Mounts Balungao, Cuyapo, Amorong and Arayat. The Eastern Volcanic Chain corresponds to the back-arc volcanic centers with respect to the Manila Trench.

Rocks at Amorang contain elevated Niobium (Nb) concentrations compared to normal volcanic arc rocks, although these are not high enough for the rocks to be called niobium-enriched basalts and andesites.

Amorong volcano contains relatively high Cr, Ni and Mg content. This characteristic is not readily explained solely by lower crust melting.

Volcanic activity at Amorang began 740,000 years ago.

Amorong Volcano Eruptions

Fumarolic activity at Amorong Volcano.