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42.90 N, 11.63 E
Summit elevation 1738 m
Lava domes

Amiata Volcano is located in southern Tuscany, Italy, 20 km NW of Lake Bolsena. It is 80 km SE of Larderello and I20 km NW of Rome. It is the second highest volcano in Italy.

The Monte Amiata volcanic complex covers an area of about 55 sq km and has a maximum thickness of 800 m.

The volcano dominates surrounding region, which slopes down towards the valleys of the Orcia river to the North, of the Paglia river to the East, of the Fiora and Albegna rivers to the South. Around the volcano are located Poggio Zoccolino (1035 m) to the NE, of Mt. Civitella (1107 m) and Mt. Rotondo (951 m) to the S-SE, of Mt. Labbro (1193 m) and of the range Volturaie-Mt. Buceto-Mt. Aquilaia (1050 + 1150 m) to the W and SW.

There are no recent eruptions, but thermal activity is present at Bagnore, and Arcidosso, on the SW side of the volcano, and Piancastagnao in the SE. Exploration of the Geothermal area at Bagnore was completed in 1962 with the drilling of 21 wells.

Further reading
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Amiata Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.