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12.48 S, 49.10 E
summit elevation 1475 m
Volcanic field

Ambre-Bobaomby volcano is situated in Amber Mountain National Park (Montagne d'Ambre), Antsiranana Province, northern Madagascar. The volcano contains summit cones and crater lakes.

The national park is located 35 km southwest of Diégo, 1000 km north of Tana. It consists of isolated montane forest. Elevation of the park is between 800 and 1475 m. The volcano receives 3585 mm of rain per year, which makes it one of the wettest areas of Madagascar.

Lemur species in the park include; Lemur species: Eulemur coronatus, Eulemur fulvus sanfordi, Hapalemur griseus, Phaner furcifer, Microcebus rufus, Cheirogaleus major, Lepilemur septentrionalis, and Daubentonia madagascariensis.

There are many crater lakes in the national park. Lac Maudit, Lac Texier, Lac Fantany and Grand Lac.

Basaltic lava flows have created numerous waterfalls, including Sacred Waterfall and Cascades Antakarana.

Further reading
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Ambre-Bobaomby Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.