Ambang Volcano | John Seach


Sulawesi, Indonesia

0.75 N, 124.42 E
summit elevation 1795 m
complex volcano

Ambang volcano is located in northern Sulawesi. The volcano rises 750 m above lake Mooat. Five solfatara fields are located at the volcano.

Ambang volcano is possibly a twin with nearby Mt Binangunan. There are three craters with diameters of 400 m, 100 m, 100 m.

Ambang volcano photos by John Seach

ambang volcano, sulawesi
Ambang volcano, Sulawesi

ambang volcano
Ambang volcano, Sulawesi 2013

ambang volcano, sulawesi
Farming on the slopes of Ambang volcano, Sulawesi

ambang volcano sulawesi
Ambang volcano, Sulawesi

ambang volcano indonesia
Village on the slope of Ambang volcano, Indonesia. Fissure visible in background.

Lake Mooat
Lake Mooat, Ambang volcano

ambang volcano
John Seach climbing Ambang volcano in June 2013

ambang volcano, indonesia
Thick jungle on the climb to the summit of Ambang volcano, Indonesia

ambang volcano
Summit of Ambang volcano, covered in forest

ambang volcano
Thermal pool. Ambang volcano, Sulawesi

ambang volcano
Thermal spring. Ambang volcano, Sulawesi

2014 Unrest
Ambang volcano was raised to level 2 alert on 3rd July 2014 after an increase in shallow earthquakes. A 1.5 radius exclusion zone was placed around the crater.

2013 expedition
Ambang volcano was climbed by John Seach during June 2013. Two areas of strongly active fumaroles were observed on a fissure zone visible on the southwest side of the volcano. The westernmost fumarole emitted a thin white plume to a height of 100 m. The easternmost fumarole emitted pulses of white vapour to a height of a few tens of metres. The summit of ambang volcano was reached after a climb from the northeast side. The summit area was heavily forested. During the descent of the volcano on the northeast flank, a strong smell of sulphur was detected but the source not identified. The high levels of fumarolic activity at Ambang volcano indicate future eruptions are possible. A magnitude 5.7 earthquake hit 116 km SSE of Ambang volcano on 27th June 2013.

2005 Activity
A phreatic eruption was reported at Ambang volcano in 2005.

Further reading
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Ambang Volcano Eruptions

2005, 1854