Alu Volcano | John Seach


Erta Ale Range, Ethiopia

13.82 N, 40.55 E
summit elevation 429 m
Fissure vents

The volcano is the northwestern cone of a twin volcano (with Dalaffilla). The two volcanoes are part of the same volcanic system. It is located on SW side of Bakili Bad salt plain. At this location, the Erta Ale volcanic range is 25 km wide, and is mostly made of fissural lava emitted onto a large surface of very low slopes.

The Alu volcano is ellipsoidal in shape, and elongated NNW-SSE and built of old basaltic lavas.

2008 Eruption
In November 2008 a large lava flow erupted from Alu-Dalaffilla area.

Further reading
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Alu Volcano Eruptions