Alid Volcano | John Seach



14.88 N, 39.92 E
summit elevation 904 m

The volcano is located in the Danakil depression. It rises 685 m above the surrounding plain. The major axis of the mountain is 7 km, elongate in an ENE-WSW direction, and minor axis 5 km long, parallel to the graben.

The volcano was formed underwater as indicated by limestone on the eastern side.
There is a crater on the western side with a diameter of 1500 m and depth 100 m

Geothermal Activity
A large, shallow, hot magmatic heat source is present beneath Alid volcano. Fumaroles and boiling pools are distributed widely on the north half of Alid. Most of the thermal areas are located at elevations between about 460 and 600m. Thermal areas do not occur within the flat pumice covered areas in the summit depression.

Thermal Pools
Thermal pools at Alid volcano have high total dissolved solids (TDS 1500 - 2500 mg/L) and some are mildly acidic. The acid is produced by by dissolution of the surrounding rock by sulphuric acid derived from fumarolic vapour and gases.

Further reading
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Alid Volcano Eruptions

No recent eruptions.