Akuseki-jima Volcano | John Seach


Ryukyu Islands, Japan

29.45 N, 129.60 E
summit elevation 584 m

Akuseki-jima volcano is located in the Ryuku Islands, 200 km SSW of Honshu, Japan. The circumference of the island is 11.5 km, and a diameter of 3.2 x 2.5 km. The main lava types on the volcano are andesite, dacite.

The island rises 800 m from the sea floor and reaches a summit of 584 m above sea level at Mt Mitake in the NW of the island. The island is bounded by steep cliffs, and only has beaches in the SE and SW sides.

Two old somma volcanoes make up the volcano - Biro-yama and Naka-dake. Omune lava was erupted 80,000 years ago. The Omune samples were collected from a location in the north of the island, where the lava was 100 m thick. This was the most recent eruptions at the volcano.

Uezon pumice flow is located on the plain surrounding Ueson village. It may have originated from a vent near Mt Nakadake in the centre east of the island.

2009 Eclipse
The centre line a total solar eclipse crossed Akuseki-jima Volcano on Wednesday 22nd July 2009.

Akuseki-jima Volcano Eruptions

Eruptions in the past 80,000 years.